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Hello and welcome to my website; a place where you can be kept up to date with events and items of interest around the Redhill and Northbourne Ward.

I am an Independent Councillor, enabling me to give an Independent view in a Political environment.

I was originally a Liberal Democrat councillor, but was unable to agree with the National Party on certain issues and in November 2011 decided to move to the Independent Group in Bournemouth. My decision was a very difficult one and bears no reflection on the other local Liberal Democrat Councillors, who are all very hard working and dedicated to the town.

I hope that the residents of Redhill and Northbourne will continue to support me, as I promise to continue to work for and with them.

Please let me know if you have any issues to raise, using the contact form at the bottom of this page.

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Councillor Sue Levell and Independent Candidate Claire Smith Bournemouth Dog Waste Bin, Green Lane Playing Field Bournemouth Benches before removal, Redhill Park Bournemouth
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Bournemouth Councillor Sue Levell Biography


My name is Sue Levell and I have had the pleasure of being a Councillor, representing the Redhill and Northbourne Ward, since May 2003.

  • I have always had my roots in Bournemouth as my parents moved here when I was 2.
  • I have lived in the ward since the early 90’s and I have a real passion for the Bournemouth area.
  • I attended Winton Junior School and Glenmoor School, although a few years ago now.
  • My daughter introduced me to the wonderful world of Grandma-hood in 2009, any free time I have is spent with them, usually in Redhill Park.
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